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Olympic Gold Membership

$150 annual membership fee
*All payments roll over automatically

When out-there Cape Codders sold Wellfleet oysters to the world

This membership level exemplifies and celebrates the storied history of the Wellfleet Oyster. In
1980, artist and oysterman Paul Suggs and a bunch of Wellfleetians traveled to Lake Placid to
sell oysters during the Olympic Games. They “shucked and hucked” their oysters, as writer Seth
Rolbein describes, making new friends every day, including many leading Olympians. Among
those were members of the U.S. men’s hockey team, a bunch of college players who beat
Russia’s infamous professional Red Army team, considered at the time the best hockey team in
the world. Paul offered the US team all the oysters they could eat the night before winning the
gold medal in what is arguably the most famous hockey match ever played, the game now
known around the world as the “Miracle On Ice”.

Membership Perks

  • Two free tickets to OysterFest (your choice of days, $40 value)
  • Invitations to special members-only event
  • Early access to the new OysterFest event, Meet The Shuckers, on OysterFest eve, October 13
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