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Speakers at the Library

Dwight Estey 

Teacher ~ Shellfisherman ~ Historian

Speaking at 11:30 am Saturday

FREE to all!

Oyster Dwight .jpeg

Dwight Estey will present the life story of Wellfleet’s most famous resident - the oyster. Having been both a wild-picker and a commercial shell fisherman Dwight knows of what he speaks. For fifty years he’s walked the flats observing the changes in the Wellfleet oyster fishery. What he doesn’t know first hand he’s learned through research and talking to many “real old-timers.”

His subject, the oyster, hasn’t changed. It was critical to sustaining native Americans and the colonists.

Damon Wei 

Techie ~ Shellfisherman ~ Volunteer

Speaking at 1:00 pm Saturday

FREE to all!

Oyster Relay Original Chipmans Cove Reduced 0921.MP.jpg

Damon Wei is a retired year-round Wellfleet resident and recreational shell fisherman. Damon is a dedicated volunteer with the Wellfleet Shellfish Department, including supporting the town’s propagation and distribution programs. Damon also builds affordable housing projects with Habitat for Humanities of Cape Cod and distributes needed food supplies with Helping Our Women. Damon joined the Mass Oyster board as an associate in fall, 2022 and is focusing his efforts on our Cape Cod focused initiatives including awareness and education opportunities.

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