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The Wellfleet OysterFest is one of many events organized by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, two part-time staff people, and hundreds of volunteers. These events take incredible planning, time and hard work. Please consider continued and new community involvement in our volunteer opportunities.

It’s not too soon to let us know that you are interested in being a volunteer for 2023. It’s our 23th Anniversary and it’s going to be a great time!It's not too soon to let us know that you are interested in volunteering with Wellfleet SPAT. Check out the station descriptions below or send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at: for further information.

  • Event Admissions

Wellfleet SPAT hosts community-based events year-round to support the shellfishing community. Volunteers for various event admission stations are needed as greeters and ticket sellers. The Annual OysterFest is just one example of what Wellfleet SPAT has to offer.

  • Ambassadors

Do you value the mission of Wellfleet SPAT? Do you appreciate the efforts of the shellfishermen in bringing fresh oysters and clams to market? If you answered yes, then consider becoming a SPAT Ambassador. Help spread the word about SPAT, all that is involved in growing shellfish and what makes Wellfleet oysters and clams so special.

  • Beer Tent

The OysterFest beer tent is one of the busiest spots in the OysterFest. Volunteers for this area should be prepared to be active and on their feet throughout the shift. There are 3 volunteer positions here, although volunteers may work any and all areas on a given shift: ID Checker, Cashier and Server.

  • Culinary Programs

Assist with lectures and food programs held at Wellfleet’s Preservation Hall. Duties include preparing the room (re-configuring tables and chairs, AV equipment), admitting attendees, helping chefs prepare food or visuals for their program, distributing food samples, facilitating Q&A and book signing. Help with any prep or clean up needed for the next program.

  • Educational Programs

Assist with programs held at the Wellfleet Library and elsewhere in town. Duties include preparing the room (re-configuring tables and chairs, AV equipment), admitting attendees, helping presenters prepare for their program, facilitating book signing and any cleaning or rearranging needed after the program.

  • Family Fun Area

Assist with Family and Children’s activities including crafts, performances, games and making or serving cotton candy.

  • Marketing

Help to organize the OysterFest publicity over the years into a scrapbook; sort and file photography CDs; submit online listings to calendars; work with photography, videography and occasional ad copy as needed in the months leading up to the ‘Fest.

  • Merchandise Sales

SPAT/OysterFest merchandise sales benefit SPAT and its mission. Volunteers are needed to organize inventory during the weeks and days prior to OysterFest and assist moving inventory to the SPAT booth and arranging display for the festival. During the ‘Fest volunteers assist customers, keep merchandise organized and complete sales. In the days or week after the ‘Fest, they help with organization of remaining inventory. Retail experience is a real plus!

  • Office Support

Help SPAT staff answer phone calls and emails, make copies, prepare Festival hand-outs and mailings, and offer general office assistance in September and October; in particular the two weeks prior to the ‘Fest.

  • Shell and Trash Recycling

Join our Net Zero campaign and help build awareness about the need to recycle oyster and clam shells as well as regular trash. Educate the public at the SORTING STATIONS by helping people separate their trash into 3 streams (plastic, paper and shells) placing each in the correct receptacle and explaining to them the importance of recycling shells. This is a very active volunteer role: Please plan to lift shell buckets and redistribute empty buckets as needed.

  • Site Prep and Clean-up

Help set up the ‘Fest the week before and/or help with clean-up the week after the ‘Fest is over. Volunteers are needed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prior to the ‘Fest and the Monday following the ‘Fest for set-up and clean-up. Duties include setting up various areas, moving directional signs, cones, sandwich board signs, hay bales, flowers, setting up / breaking down recycling stations, and more!

  • Sponsorship

Help identify new sponsors and solicit sponsorships from them and other local businesses.

  • Technology

Computer literate and internet savvy volunteers are needed to assist Festival staff with any and all internet and technology needs in the weeks before the ‘Fest and during the ‘Fest.

  • Vendor/Traffic Support

Assist with load in and load out of vendors the weekend of the ‘Fest – Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and evenings. Help direct traffic, set-up and tear down for booths, and any and all logistics to support vendor needs etc. During the ‘Fest the responsibilities can include “booth sitting” as needed, or any assistance vendors require. Other volunteer roles in this area include monitoring vehicle entry and exit during site prep and clean up.

  • Volunteer Support and Recognition

Support the Volunteer Coordinator in recruiting and scheduling volunteers prior to the ‘Fest. This work can take place as early as August and involves phone calling and email communications. Help organize and execute the Volunteer Appreciation party – usually Friday night before the Festival. Tasks may include picking up food, beverages and paper products for the party, setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Volunteers may also assist at the volunteer check-in and check-out over Festival weekend.

  • Other

Tell us your area of expertise or interest and suggest how you can help by emailing the volunteer coordinators here:

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